​​​​​​Lionel Standard Gauge #217 Illuminated Caboose
This Red Caboose has a Peacock Roof and an Operating Light on the rear deck. The color combination is the more common early version. It was made in the late 1920's. This car is perfect to complete your Standard Gauge Work Train. A few nicks and paint loss spots are visible, but overall the colors are vibrant, making the condition good overall.

​Standard Gauge​​

Lionel Standard Gauge #80 Automatic Semaphore with Red Base. When

connected to the special track section (included), the semaphore arm will move

upward to the red position while the train passes by. This semaphore was serviced

and operated properly. The height is 16". Circa 1930’s.

​Standard Gauge​​​​

Ives Standard Gauge Brown Cataloged Passenger Set #691R includes:
1) 3235R Electric Locomotive
2) 184 Pullman Club Car
3) 186 Observation Car
The engine has electrically operated reverse and operating headlight. The cars are illuminated. Made in the early 1920's, the set is not only rare, but is in far better than typical condition. The reverse unit is modern. The set measures about 3-1/2 ft in length.

​Standard Gauge​​

Standard Gauge Trains and Accessories

​​​​​​Lionel Standard Gauge #220 Floodlight Car
Green Base, Nickel Trim and Light Housings. This is the more rare version of this car, made in the late 1930’s. The lights and switch have been tested and operate properly. This car would make a great component of your late-era work train. While it has a number of scratches, it is still in good all-original condition.

​Standard Gauge​​

​​​​Lionel Standard Gauge #219 Crane
This Lionel #219 Crane Car is in the rare color scheme featuring an Ivory Cab with a Green Boom and Red Roof. It was made in the late 1930’s. The Lionel 219 Standard Gauge Crane Car has always been one of the most desired in this family of tinplate cars, as it can be used as a stand-alone car. It has the ability to move the boom and hook up and down while also rotating the entire cab. There are a few playwear scratches on the roof and cab. One coupler and the hook have been replaced with original period replacements, but the car is otherwise original and complete.

​Standard Gauge​​

Vintage Toy Trains and Books for Sale

​​​​​​Lionel #209 Wood Barrels
These Six Original Wood Barrels are hard to find, but they look wonderful to complete your layout. They are often carried by the Lionel #212 Gondola Car (not included) or stacked next to the Freight Depot. These Barrels are 100% Complete and Original.

​Standard Gauge

​​​​​​​Lionel Standard Gauge #212 Gondola - #205 Merchandise Containers
Maroon Gondola Car includes three Dark Green LCL Containers. A perfect companion for the Lionel #219 Crane Car (not included) is the #212 Gondola. This Gondola is in the popular maroon color with brass trim. It is being sold with a set of rare and desirable #205 Merchandise Containers, often seen being lifted by the Crane. The paint on the Gondola is very good; the wheels have a few spots of corrosion. The containers vary in condition from very good to good, with a few of the brass pieces that retain the doors either missing or replaced. There are also a few spots of paint loss and some scratches on the Containers.

St​Standard Gauge

​​​​​​Lionel #208 Tool Set, Tools and Tool Box in Original Box
This rare #208 Tool Set includes a set of Six Cast Tools in an Aluminum Tool Box. The set also includes the Original Box. These Tools are often seen carried in the Lionel #212 Gondola (not included).  There is some surface corrosion on some of the tools. This set is 100% Complete and Original.

​Standard Gauge​​

American Flyer 4695 Brass Piper Steam Locomotive and Vandy Tender.

The following rolling stock cars are shown in the Video: Stock Car #4020, Automobile Car #4018, Tank Car #4010, Hopper Car #4006, Log Car #4023, Caboose #4017. This most elaborate Standard Gauge Steam Locomotive has Electrically Operated Reverse and a Ringing Bell. The engine and tender are restored. The cars have their original finish. Circa 1930's.

​Standard Gauge​​

​​​​​Lionel Standard Gauge #115 Lionel City Passenger Station
This Lionel Standard Gauge #115 Lionel City Passenger Station is 
in the Late Colors, Ivory with a Red Roof and Base. The station has illumination and a Train Stop Control. The Station measures 14"x9"x8.5" and it was made in the late 1930's.

​Standard Gauge​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Lionel Standard Gauge Catalogued Stephen Girard Passenger Set #378W -  

​#392E Steam Locomotive with Chugger, #392W Coal Tender with Whistle, Gun metal Grey - 

​Stephen Girard Passenger Cars, Two-Tone Green

This Standard Gauge Catalogued Set includes:

1) 392E 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive with Chugger

2) 392W 12-Wheel Coal Tender with Whistle

3) 424 Liberty Belle Pullman Car

4) 425 Stephen Girard Pullman Car

5) 426 Coral Isle Observation Car

This Locomotive was made with the rare Chugger, which is much coveted by Lionel Standard Gauge Collectors.  The Two-tone Green Stephen Girard illuminated Passenger Cars are 16 inches long; the set measures 6 feet in length. The set has Nickel Trim. It was made from 1935 to 1939. There are typical playwear scratches; there are replaced pieces on the engine and tender.

Standard Gauge​