The grown children often requested a copy of the instructions to prepare the foods they cherished from their childhood. After providing the recipes via email, or creating a written version of a recipe, the author of this book came up with the idea of creating a book to share all the recipes with all the children. During the creation of the Favorite Recipes from a Little House in the Big Woods, she had a new idea. The actual building of the structure for creating the book was quite challenging at times. With the technical background and the experience of training and working with people, she decided it would be a wonderful endeavor to help people capture and tout their own recipes. With this thought, the idea for a new book was born. A new book will provide the instructions that enable anyone to easily create and publish their own collection of recipes, quickly and at very low cost.

This book was written to share favorite family recipes. The family lived in the big woods of Pennsylvania. The author always attempted to provide the teenagers with healthy diets of food selections that they actually loved to eat. These healthy teenager favorites were practical, economically cost effective and very easy to prepare. The teenagers loved to help shop for the most cost effective foods, to share with their friends for social enjoyment.
Step by Step instructions and acquired tricks are included in this book. The holiday traditional meals were developed and consistently requested, year after year. The grown children still prepare these holiday specialty meals for their children. 
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Favorite Recipes from the Little House on the Big Beach

Migrating the Path from Family Comfort Foods to Organic Culinary Cooking Experiences. 

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Favorite Recipes From Our Little House in the Big Woods

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Through the adaptation from tastings of others, I am still learning and creating. As friends participate in concocting new food choices, we continue to want to share our recipes. Creating a book for all to enjoy is the perfect solution for sharing with all the interested people. This book was written to share the favorite recipes from the wonderful days of enjoying the beach lifestyle which includes friends sharing recipes, sharing a meal and sharing a great beach experience. A bi-product of the good times is a Collection of Favorite Recipes from the Days at the Beach Condominium.

Life and Times changed from the days of creating menus and agendas for healthy, teenager favorites, practical, cost effective (economical), easy and quick to prepare foods that appeal to the taste buds of a teenager, to an Adult Life at the Beach. Still practical, cost effective and easy to prepare meals are on the schedule; however, there is more focus on healthy and creative cooking and festive servings on the lanai. A new motivation is healthy air at the beach and healthy food on the table.

As time goes by, I built upon and enumerated the Step by Step instructions and acquired tricks to make foods even healthier for reducing cholesterol and fat in the diet. Daily meal planning involves eating eating less red meat and eating more fish, chicken and vegetables.  
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