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We have truly entered a world whose very existence relies on the Computer and its offspring, the Microcomputer. There is a computer chip present in almost every device that can be plugged in the wall or is powered by batteries. The sheer abundance of inexpensive Smart Modules available in today's electronics marketplace has made it feasible to design an inexpensive "Smart" Controller that can automatically direct the actions of vintage and antique model trains. The same concepts set forth in this book can be applied to give intelligence to many electronic devices. This book describes the design path leading to the physical realization of an Automated Model Train Controller.

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This book details the author’s year-long effort to measure everyday household variables such as temperature, humidity, and ambient light and to subsequently store them on an internet “Cloud” for later analysis. For those with some electronic and computer programming skills, building microcontroller-based prototypes for accomplishing myriads of every-day tasks has become both practical and economical. Hardware may be purchased in many places where electronic parts are sold. Software development tools are available for use on-line or for download to run on a home computer.

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This book briefly explains the history and practical operation of Standard Gauge Trains and then goes on to provide annotated photographs of more than 30 Cataloged Sets produced by the more noted American Manufacturers. This book presents full color photos of many wonderful examples of the Standard Gauge Trains, made by Lionel, American Flyer, and Ives.


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These trains are great items for anyone who likes "stuff" to enjoy reading about them. The book briefly details the history of O Gauge Trains and then goes on to provide annotated pictures of more than 30 Cataloged Sets produced by noted American and foreign manufacturers, such as Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, Marklin, Bing, Marx and Joy Line.


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Read this book to learn the tricks and insight of creating your O-Gauge Train Layout on a Budget. Selecting the proper equipment to build a compact and inexpensive prewar train layout is described in this book. Additionally, Basic as well as more Advanced important Maintenance, Repair, and Restoration Tips of importance to the Aspiring Collector are discussed and depicted.

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We provide research and book editing services. Today it has become both easy and economical for someone to publish a book in either hard or electronic copy. The writing of such a book has proven to be a great way for anyone with a collection of articles or recipes or pictures, to document what they have (or used to have) for posterity and sharing with generations of family and friends. You can easily self-publish your book. We can assist you!

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